About Us

MeritList is an educational mobile app for android and ios by MeritList Education Pvt Ltd. We started in 2016 with a mission to ease the pressure of college entrance exams in students. The app works by providing personalised practices to students, the app emphasises on practising weak-points again and again until the student is confident solving the type of problems. The app then introduces students to advanced level problems thus making the concept understanding concrete.

MeritList is a husband-wife duo startup. With its founders Rajan Soni and Sheetal Johari. It started as a IIT-JEE practice app for Rajan's brother and has come a long way since then. Our founding team believes in complete education and agree that putting all the focus on exam preparation itself hinders a students personal development.


Rajan Soni

Tech, ios development


Sheetal Johari

Operations, Marketing

MeritList Education Pvt Ltd is a registered company with its address as: 7, New Flora Complex, Bhuwana, Udaipur, 313001. Our team can be contacted at:

Email - rajan@meritlist.in,   sheetal@meritlist.in       Mob - 9928369107


MeritList team