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Welcome to MeritList

An all new learning platform using 15 minute practices to sky-rocket your entrance exam scores.

Increase Entrance exam scores
  • Personalised practice

    Reduce your practice time by 50% using our intelligent practice system.

  • Solve Your Doubts

    Stuck on a single question for far too long? Ask our app to answer it for you.

  • Solve Previous Year Papers

    Get access to the biggest exam paper database in India. Practice and understand the exam pattern.

App Features

Get go with our easy to use, feature-rich app.

  • Practice/Tests

    Our database keeps growing. Test your skills across a variety of test papers and practices.

  • Free Online Tests

    Take our Free All India Tests to see where you stand with other entrants.

  • Analytics

    We provide you all the feedback you will ever need to assess how your preparation is going.

  • Leaderboard

    See how you rank with other students on our app.

  • History

    All your tests are stored on our app. So you could go back and see where you made those mistake.

  • News Update

    Keep up with entrance exams news and important dates.

Meritlist features for entrance exams

How It Works

Crack the exam. 15 minutes at a time.

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The key to crack entrance exams is practice. Practice and repetition make concepts clear, increase speed, and improve retention. But practising every question from your book would mean you wont be able to finish the syllabus on time.

In comes MeritList, it intelligently designs practises for you. That way you wont be repeatedly exercising concepts you already understand, and instead practising on advanced concepts which you haven't practised yet. Every student has weak points. And as you practise on MeritList, the app finds out your weak points and allows you to work on them effortlessly.


  • Download the app and do the daily recommended exercises. These are 15 minutes exercises from a particular concept.

  • The app monitors and gives you feedback. And based on your performance generates more recommended exercises.

  • The app also provides learning guidelines in form of off-line and online resources to help you understand those concepts better.

  • Solve some of the past papers and participate in our free All India Test series to see how much have you learnt.

Additional Features

Save more time with these features.

Solve by pic

Now solving doubts is easy. Just take a picture of the question.

Rank Predictor

Know exactly how ready you are for the exam with our intelligent rank predictor.

Cloud Sync

All your data is stored in your cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

24/7 Support

We provide 24 hour email and telephone support.

Meritlist automatic doubt solver

All the features, always free.

No credit cards. No paid features. Free for all.


About MeritList

We are small team working to help relieve students from the exam pressures. We believe a student's overall development is hindered in the process of entrance exam preparation, which easily consumes their average 6 hours a day. Using technology to make this process easier and faster, we can free up a lot of their time. Which they can use for; well, reading books, playing sports or learning programming. Lets join the movement, lets make entrance exams easier.

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